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Educating and raising public awareness is a key activity for the Mansuy Lab, from podcasts to interviews to public scientific events and international symposia. 



Videos & Interviews


Epigenetic Inheritance Symposium

Every two years, Prof. Isabelle Mansuy organises the international symposium "Epigenetic Inheritance: Impact for Biology and Society"at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland.  The first edition was held in-person in 2017, and again in 2019, with an online symposium held in 2021. The 2023 symposium was organized as a hybrid event, and Isabelle is already planning the 5th edition in 2025 (27–29 August). 

For the symposium, Isabelle gathers pioneers in the field to cover key scientific aspects from behavior to metabolism and transmission mechanisms in humans and animal models, as well as the societal and evolutionary impact of current knowledge. 

With the symposium, Isabelle provides a unique a platform for thought leaders to discuss the current state of research as well as newly gained findings in epigenetic inheritance, to consider the implications for biology and how these insights can open novel perspectives for medical research and the society. Moreover, she offers attendees the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas and debate about new advances and discoveries during the symposium's lectures and the dedicated poster sessions.

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